Organic Silica Benefits

Silica & Its Benefits

Silica is the second most abundant mineral on earth. It makes up 25% of the earth’s crust. It comes from the remains of plant life from recent times and ancient times.

Every free range animal also has silica in their body. Most animals eat grass, and those that don’t will eat the animals that do eat grass. The highest content of silica is found in herbivores, and the lowest content is found carnivores and omnivores.

When many people see or hear the words “silica” or “silicon”, they automatically think of breast implants and silicon computer chips. Not too many people realize that silicon is actually good for them. Silica is just a derivative of silicon. Silica is found in whole grains, bell peppers, brown rice, horsetail plant, leafy green vegetables, peas, and root vegetables. It is also found in sand, clay, quartz, jasper, opal, and amethyst.

The body requires silica to assist in the absorption of calcium in order to form collagen in the body to produce strong bones, joints, nails, hair, and skin. Silica will enhance cell metabolism and the formation of healthy cells. It will also strengthen your immune system by clearing out your entire digestive system and colon of toxic buildups of sludge, parasites, and mucus so that your body can better absorb the nutrients that it needs to function properly. It removes toxins found in the body such as endotoxins, e-coli, mercury, viruses, and other things that don’t belong in the body. When you have a clean digestive system and colon, you will be able to have regular bowel movements.

The Benefits of Organic Silica and Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

• Increased collagen in bones to make the bones stronger
• Provides more blood flow to the scalp for faster-growing, thicker hair
• Prevents and stops hair thinning and balding
• No more brittle, cracking fingernails
• Reduction in facial wrinkles and crow’s feet
• Improves the appearance of dry, thin skin by providing more collagen
• Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
• Creates healthier connective tissues and joints
• Lowers blood pressure
• Alleviates the symptoms of arteriosclerosis
• Provides elasticity to lung tissues to fight against respiratory problems
• Helps reduce skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and acne
• Aids in cancer prevention and cancer treatment

Cancer has been known to affect people that have poor immune systems and nutrient deficiencies such as a lack of silica. Because silica stimulates the regeneration of new cells and boosts the immune system, the body will be able to protect itself from cancer and help heal itself from cancer and other illnesses. For more information, please learn about what diatomaceous earth silica really is.

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