Diatomaceous Earth Uses

Why is Diatomaceous Earth good for the Environment?

Lets discuss the popular diatomaceous earth uses, on everything from bed bugs to fleas, to helping plants grow strong, acting as a natural immunity booster.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is derived from a fossilized single celled organism called diatoms. Other names for diatomaceous earth are diatomite and kieselgur. Diatoms are a type of algae that are encased in a hard shell, diatoms are also called plankton. The main component of DE this substance is silica, which is very abundant in soil.

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What is diatomaceous earth used for? DE is naturally found in rock form; it is obtained from rock quarries and then milled into a substance that can be used in abrasive cleansers, in filtration systems, in insecticides, in cat litter, and it is used even in the medical field. The most common use for diatomaceous earth is as an abrasive agent used in kitchen cleansers, because DE has the texture and consistency of pumice powder. Another common use for DE is as an additive to pet food and food for farm animals. It is used in animal food to prevent parasites from living inside of the animals, and it also helps to promote overall health to the animal.

Diatomaceous earth is nontoxic to animals and humans; however, it is an abrasive powder, so it is important to avoid breathing it into the lungs. If you are using DE in its powder form, you should always wear a mask before using it. You are not at risk for breathing the powdery abrasive in if you mix it with water prior to using it. Often times farmers use diatomaceous earth as an insecticide. They can blow it onto the crops and onto the soil, or they can spray it in liquid form. Anyone who blows DE in powder form needs to protect their lungs and eyes by wearing a mask and goggles. Even though it is nontoxic, the powder will be abrasive to the eyes.

Diatomaceous earth is one of the best insecticides to use if you want to preserve the environment and engage in organic gardening. Today, everyone wants organically grown food, whether it is food derived from animal protein or organically grown fruits and vegetables. It is important to know that diatomaceous earth doesn’t kill earthworms. Earthworms are essential for aerating the soil, which helps the crops grow, because they not only get air into the soil, they eat decaying matter and return nutritious matter back into the soil. There are many uses for DE, it is preferred over many poisonous insecticides because it won’t harm the environment, and it’s not very likely to harm honey bees (due to their protective hairs), which are necessary for pollination of flowering plants and trees.

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